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1. in onE's spArE timE 2. BE Busy with 3. look ...

I work in KFC in my spare time.我的业余时间是在肯德基工作。 2.I am busy with this work. 我正在忙这个工作。 3.I look forward to working with you.我期望跟你一起工作。 4.I like eating apples best.我最喜欢吃苹果。 希望帮的上楼主的忙

be busy with [英][bi: ˈbizi wið][美][bi ˈbɪzi wɪð] 忙于; 从事; 例句: 1. He will be busy with exams next summer, but in a week when unemployment among theuk's youth rose to its highest level since 1...

I‘m looking forward to meeting her。 He graduated from Beijing University。 She is busy with the job I made him do that job If I am given a second chance,I will be grateful。 So far I have learned 200 new words。

具体用法及意思 1.be busy with sth 例如:I am busy with my homework! 2.be busy in doing sth 例如:I am busy in doing my homework! 上述两句是同意句,意思一致!


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