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whAt Do you Enjoy Doing in your spArE timE

what do you enjoy doing in your spare time 在你的业余时间你喜欢做什么 Also, you can come and have lessons here in your spare time. 你可以选择业余时间或周末的时间来上课。

你闲暇时喜欢干什么? 一般是What do you like to do in spare time?

what do you like to do in your free time 你喜欢在空闲时间做什么 双语例句 1 Justin: Fine, thanks. Well, let's talk about you hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time? 贾丝汀:托福,谢谢。好吧,我们谈谈有关你的喜好吧。你...

B 试题分析:句意:你业余时间弹小提琴吗?不,是喜欢运动,是经常和同学们打乒乓球。乐器前面要加定冠词the,但在球类前面不需要冠词;故此题选B。

What do you... 空闲时间你都干些什么?


ln my spare time,l usually go shopping,play the ps3,surf the internet as well as read books

C enjoy 后面用ing啊

I like to do quiet activities when I have spare time. I enjoy going to shop with my friends, or just playing guitar in my bedroom. Window shopping is fine because the main idea is to be with my friends and socialize. Playing gu...

本句使用了动词enjoy的一般现在时形式,因为主语是I(不是第三人称单数),所以用了enjoy的原形。另外,句中使用了固定搭配enjoy doing sth.


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